Dear APPNA STC Members,

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Most Merciful.

Today January 01st of the year 2022, I humbly and graciously accept the responsibility of the President of APPNA STC.

I want to congratulate Dr Arman Raza for completing a very successful year as President of APPNA STC 2021 and the members of the EC and BOT.  Indeed the growth of the chapter has been propelled collectively by the individuals and all the past presidents and the past members of the EC and BOT.

In this endeavor, I am joined by my colleagues  on the Executive committee Dr Naveed  Zafar ( President -Elect) , Dr Riaz-ul Haq ( General Secretary ), Dr Naveed Usman Saqib ( Treasurer ) as well as all the Board of Trustees members.

Together with my team, We plan to take this Journey to higher level

This year Inshallah we are planning to have another successful year. My team will be working on the following projects this year

1-      Motivating Younger Pakistani Physicians to join APPNA STC and strengthen our forces, Our strength lies in numbers and we need to encourage other physicians to help recruit members.

2-      Organize and arrange free Medical Clinics and Health fairs.

3-      APPNA Mobile Clinic.

4-      Organize and arrange CME Programs.

5-      Join hands with Welfare organizations and arrange donations for people in need in USA and in Pakistan.

6-      Continue the culture of Sports by organizing Cricket Match Competition, Squash Tournament and other sports .

One of my goals is to learn and benefit from the experiences of our past leaders and this can be achieved by creating an advisory council, comprising of all past presidents that will advise the President, particularly on achieving a unified and strong APPNA STC. 

I welcome everyone to a new beginning.

Dr Mahmood Mehkri,

President APPNA STC 2022

Dr. Mahmood Mehkri

President APPNA STC