My Dear APPNA STC Members,

Salam and New Year greetings to everyone.
I am honored to be the incoming president of APPNA STC for the year 2024. I want to acknowledge the leadership provided by the outgoing 2023 president Naveed Zafar and the last year’s BOT headed by Dr Najma. I am excited to welcome the new EC for 2024 (Naveed Saquib, Mansoor Zaidi and Murtaza Arif), who I am certain will successfully fulfill their predecessors’ shoes. I would like to welcome the new BOT chair Haider Afzal as well. We will need the help of every STC member in achieving our goals for 2024. Please do not hesitate to share with us any ideas or concerns. We will be holding a general body meeting in early February. Please make every effort to be there. We certainly have a lot of plans for this upcoming year, including but not limited to our annual health fair, accommodating young physicians at different hospitals and making their stay affordable at the APPNA house, summer cruise, directory launch, indoors sports tournament, cricket tournament in fall and finally our Winter Gala. Looking forward to a successful and exciting year.


Riaz Ul Haque, M.D.
President APPNA STC 2024